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Geoff Stephens

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GEOFF STEPHENS chart discography 1964 Crying Game DAVE BERRY, 1964 Tell Me When APPLEJACKS, 1966 Semi-detached Suburban Mr James MANFRED MANN, 1967 Theres a Kind of Hush HERMAN'S HERMITS, 1967 Winchester Cathedral NEW VAUDEVILLE BAND, 1967 Peek-A-Boo NEW VAUDEVILLE BAND, 1967 Finchley Central NEW VAUDEVILLE BAND, 1967 Green Street Green NEW VAUDEVILLE BAND, 1968 Sunshine Girl HERMAN'S HERMITS, 1969 Sorry Suzanne HOLLIES, 1969 Tears Won't Wash Away These Heartaches KEN DODD, 1969 The Lights of Cincinnati SCOTT WALKER, 1969 Smile A Little Smile For Me FLYING MACHINE, 1970 Baby I won't Let You Down PICKETTYWITCH, 1970 Knock Knock Who's There MARY HOPKIN, 1970 Daughter Of Darkness TOM JONES, 1970 Goodbye Sam, Hello Samantha CLIFF RICHARD, 1971 Daddy Don't You Walk So Fast DANIEL BOONE, 1972 Daddy Don't You Walk So Fast WAYNE NEWTON, 1972 Leeds United LEEDS UNITED FC, 1973 You Won't Find Another Fool Like Me NEW SEEKERS, 1973 Like Sister And Brother THE DRIFTERS, 1974 I Get a Little Sentimental Over You, NEW SEEKERS, 1974 Doctor's Orders SUNNY, 1974 Doctor's Orders CAROL DOUGLAS, 1975 It's Gonna Be A Cold, Cold Christmas DANA, 1976 Every Night's A Saturday Night With You THE DRIFTERS, 1976 Drive Safely Darling TONY CHRISTIE, 1976 Theres a Kind of Hush CARPENTERS, 1977 Silver Lady DAVID SOUL, 1978 It Sure Brings Out the Love in Your Eyes DAVID SOUL, 1978 I'll Put You Together Again HOT CHOCOLATE, 1980 It's Like We Never Said Goodbye CRYSTAL GAYLE and 1992 Crying Game BOY GEORGE.